Virtual Sizing Method

Virtual Sizing Directions

If you don’t have a nail sizing kit but are ready to buy a Made-To-Order set, or you want to place a Custom Order with one of our PBY nail techs, use this technique because it works every time!

Send us 2 separate bird’s eye view pictures of your right and left hand with a dime in the shot for scale. 
        2. Repeat the same method for the thumbs.

        3. Send the requested images to

We are going to use your images to expand and place a real life dime onto the picture until the dime in the photo and the real dime are equal in size. This method gives us the exact sizing of your nails. 

Our PBY nail tech will use this zoomed in placement to align the press-on nails over your actual nails in the photos to find your nail sizing.

Then we will email you your sizes to keep for your future orders. 

Although this method works most of the time, we do still encourage you to order an actual sizing kit from our site for the best accuracy.

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